Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 14 #2

I will write another ten step procedure because it was fun and reflects me a lot without letting the reader know who is writing it!

10 Reasons why everyone should date a cheerleader

#1 They can bend... in any position.

#2 They are loud- this isn't always a bad thing.

#3 They can be a good show-off tool at parties. Drunk tumbling anyone?

#4 She won't be shy when she meets your parents. Maybe that should go on the ten reasons NOT to date a cheerleader?

#5 They can dance like no ones business.

#6 They usually are fit and look good in tight clothes.

#7 Contrary to popular belief, they are smart. How many people do you know can count to 8 for 2:30 seconds straight without losing track?

#8 Performing daunting tasks with a smile on their face since 800 B.C. (Not the real date, FYI)

#9 She will cheer you on during any task. (G-O wash those dishes Go!)

#10 Refer to #1.


Week 14 #1

I'm having a hard time coming up with some creative juices on this one.. I'm spinning off of Josie Jo's list but making my own :)

Ten ways to tell that you've had one too many drinks.

#1 If you call your boyfriend crying, it's time to stop- just go to bed.

#2 If you can walk better in high heels than before you started to drink, it's time to stop. Although impressive.

#3 If you see a guy who is as tall as he is round and you tell him that he is yummy like a meatball. Go get a bowl of popcorn and lay down.

#4 If you start telling girls who are wearing stained sweatpants that their outfit is incredible you should stop drinking.

#5 If you walk into the mens bathroom, play it cool and say you're looking for your boyfriend, then get the hell out!

#6 If you attempt to wall tweak and fall on your face, go home. And use this as a reminder to wear spandex under your skirt next time.

#7 If you feel like the bitch in the corner is trash talking you, she probably is. Don't make eye contact because if she is sober enough to talk about you, she is sober enough to kick your drunk ass for eyeing her wrong.

#8 If you feel as though your afternoon chili is going to be a show for everyone around you, find the nearest bathroom even if it means completely disregarding #5 then go home and sleep in the bathtub.

#9 If everyone around you said you've had enough, YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH.

#10 If you contemplate cheating on your boyfriend. Run. Just run.


Week 13 Prompt


I will never understand the way that some girls think. They think that violence is the answer, that fighting will solve all problems. I often wonder why I was so blessed (sarcasm) to be put in a high school with such mean people. Maybe I got lucky and it helped me understand that girls are just plain rude and to not be sucked into their issues.

I stuck up for a friend. I regret it now because of all the drama it caused. And she didn't even thank me. I told another girl to back off and stop hurting my friend. She decided to harass me and show up at my house. She brought her parents so I couldn't help but laugh. "What are you doing here?" I asked her. Her dad responded with "Got something to say to my daughter?" I bursted into a fit of laughter at the fact that this bully was having her dad fight her battles. I told them to leave and of course he didn't. It didn't take long before I was in a fit of rage. I was about to grab the door handle off my screen door that always fell off and hit them both in the face. I simply told them to leave or I'd call the police. That worked, I'm glad that I handled my anger with intelligence rather than violence.

Say no to bullying!

Week 13 Prompt


Houses hold all kinds of treasures. Old memories that you didn't know existed. Under the floorboards are old plywood pieces with the names of the homeowners in 1895 the year the house was built. Only to be discovered a hundred years later by a renovating couple. It has the potential to evoke a lot of emotion and bring a feeling of nostalgia.

Going through my closet feels the same way. Unraveling old homework assignments from my freshman year of high school. Seeing how my terrible penmanship hasn't changed a bit. The un-dotted i  and the hook on my r's. Reading different assignments about what I want to do with my future. Being a psychiatrist and wondering what the hell I was thinking. Maybe I should've seen one and asked them why I actually considered going to college for 8+ years.

Going through my closet and finding old photos and old friends. Wondering why I chose the outfits that I did while my cheeks turn rosy with embarrassment. It makes me think that in another five or ten years, I will be looking back on my life now. Maybe I'll even go on this blog and see how atrocious my sentence structure is.  Embarrassed to show any of my future students.* I think that I will look back at old photos of myself, my boyfriend, my friends and kick myself for missing opportunities. I hope there is more happiness in my future than regret.

*Going to be an English teacher :)

Week 13 Prompt


His hand touched mine, I felt the electricity surge through my body. Such a simple gesture created so much emotion, so much passion. It was as if nothing else mattered and I was here alone with him. As I felt his skin on mine I wondered how it could get any better, how such a spark could be ignited again. His arm grazed mine and the spark was back. He pulled me in close to him with his hand on the small of my back. The feeling of skin, so soft and smooth made me close my eyes and enjoy the moment. I knew the more times he did it, the less spark there would be each time. I could feel the muscles deep in my stomach tighten up as he moved his hand down to my leg.

Why does the body evoke such a passion for other people? Why do we feel as though we need others to fulfill a void in ourselves? Psychology says in order to have a full feeling of self achievement we need love in our lives. Why can't we provide ourselves with love instead of relying on others? Why can't I touch my own hand and feel the same spark that someone else created?

Week 13 Theme

It amazes me how people so long before electricity and proper building instructions can build things. How was it that in the 1800's could men build vast bridges and huge trains with no power tools, no cranes to lift the heavy materials? How was this safe at all? More importantly how are these structures safe to still use? Train trestles really confuse me the most. Mostly because I walk on the biggest one I've ever seen multiple times a year.

It is hard to describe the feeling of walking across such a huge structure built so long ago. Looking at the old wood wondering how the hell is this going to hold me and my dogs let alone a million ton train? It is baffling to me. Looking over the edge seeing the tops of the tall maple trees just out of my reach. Knowing if I fell over I'd splat onto the jagged rocks and shallow water below. It makes the trip out to Ellitosville so much sweeter knowing that I'm standing on a structure that was made by the bare hands of men, not with power tools and special cranes.

One time I was walking along the four board wide walk way into the smack dab middle of the tracks. Over a hundred feet down and mountains and lakes as far as the eye could see, my intriguing self wanted to capture the beauty through the lens of a camera- is that even possible? As I stood there looking like a typical tourist with my camera held high for the millionth time that summer, my two dogs stood by my side quivering as they stared down to the depths below- obviously not feeling the beauty of the scene. They'd much rather be at home chewing on a bone. Soggy, yellow bones are much prettier than trees and mountains.

 I was enjoying the silence with my sister far ahead enjoying it too when we both heard a noise. It sounded like a four wheeler coming. We both looked up and around the corner was a train. Coming at us. My stomach dropped to my toes as I started in a full sprint to the end. I was running so fast that I could feel my lungs about to burst. As I realized that both of my dogs were free of their leashes I panicked. I went to grab my dog and hitch her back on the leash. Just as I bent over to grab her, the train wooshed by me as fast as lightening. Wind was howling past me and I thought I was going to blow off the tracks. My dog in a state of hysteria, didn't know which way to go, jump under the train or jump off the tracks. My eyes filled with tears as each step I made towards her, she jumped a little closer to the train.

After what seemed an eternity of rushing wind and sheer panic, the train stopped and let us off the tracks. I grabbed my dog and sprinted the rest of the way to the edge. My sister close behind with her dog now leashed as well. I got off the tracks and counted my blessings that day. It was the most exhilarating day of my life. And after all my doubt that a man made track could hold such a huge piece of transportation wooshed out the door just as the train did by me.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 12 Prompt

The walls are so ugly in here. Fluorescent green. It's always cold and the teacher is so dry. I hate Shakespeare. He seemed like a gay man that had way too much free time on his hands. Maybe he should've spent more time with his wife so she'd be worth more than his "second best bed". Honestly, I don't understand why we have to learn about him. His plays are lame, depressing and I can hardly understand the language he is speaking. Is it even English? He should write a Shakespearean tragedy about the life of Danielle Mower sitting in this English class.

Maybe I will just concentrate on the pictures on the wall. They probably have more use than this garbage. Oh a new "Thought of the Week" is up. "I before E except after C... Weird." What the hell does that mean? Why is that weird? I don't get it. Why does he have to put up TOW's that don't make any sense? He's about as confusing as this Shakespeare nonsense. diiiiing diiiiiing! Finally class is over! I before E except after C... Weird. Oh, I get it now.